New Patient Special!

At NuSpine you get a complete examination, chiropractic treatment, and hydrotherapy for just $29.00. Beyond that, our prices only get more affordable!



MON – FRI 9AM – 7PM.   SAT & SUN – 10AM – 4PM.

New Patient Special!

At NuSpine you get a complete examination, chiropractic treatment, and hydrotherapy for just $29.00. Beyond that, our prices only get more affordable!

Affordable Chiropractic Treatment and Hydrotherapy in Omaha, NE

NuSpine Chiropractic + Hydrotherapy (Legacy West) provides convenient, affordable treatments that promote health and wellness for those who wish to live a pain-free, purposeful life. Consistent chiropractic adjustments improve overall health not only for the body, but also the mind. If you have pain, headaches, stress, are pregnant or want to increase physical performance – chiropractic treatment could be for you. By improving your health and wellness, posture, sleep and immune system function – you will be on your way to a health-oriented lifestyle.

Legacy West NuSpine Chiropractic


NuSpine exists to be able to provide a great experience at an even greater price!



You’re busy and getting quality care shouldn’t affect your schedule. Great hours, great locations, and no appointments necessary! 

Speed of Service

It shouldn’t take an hour to get quality chiropractic. At NuSpine we offer a great experience in less than 15 minutes!

Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life without breaking the bank and that’s where NuSpine is different. NuSpine offers a $29 initial treatment followed by affordable options moving forward. There are treatment plans and packages that fit all wellness needs and budgets for patients.

Try Hydrotherapy Massage in Omaha, NE

Hydromassage, also known as hydrotherapy, is a massage technique that involves the use of water and pressurized jets within a hydrotherapy bed. Hydrotherapy massage helps alleviate pain and soreness from muscles and tissues in the body. With every visit to NuSpine Chiropractic + Hydrotherapy (Legacy West) patients not only receive a convenient, speedy chiropractic adjustment – they also receive a hydrotherapy massage!

What People Are Saying

Relationships with the staff is a VERY big part of the reason why I come. I mean, I do get great care, but it’s so great when you walk in and everybody knows your name. No matter how many patients I realize that they see at NuSpine they always call me by my name and make me feel welcome. Basically, I feel like their family!

I think the biggest thing NuSpine provides to me is continual care. With the reasonable prices I come in on a weekly basis and I can keep my body in the shape that it needs to be in. And again, just having friendships, that I’ve built through coming in.

– Jason K.

Convenient, Speedy Chiropractic Appointments

NuSpine Chiropractic + Hydrotherapy (Legacy West) is located in the Legacy Village shopping center on Wright St. in Omaha, NE. We share a building with Jimmy John’s, NJ and Co. and Bellezza Salon where you can find us right in the middle! We share a parking area with many restaurants that would make for a perfect stop before or after your chiropractic adjustment! Parking is available for all customers for free in our lot.

At Chiropractic + Hydrotherapy (Legacy West), we’re focused on your convenience and do not require appointments, ensuring speedy service for all of our patients! Your appointment shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes, so after you visit with us you will be back to conquering the day in no time. Start experiencing the difference with our chiropractic and wellness care

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17650 Wright Street, Suite 7
Omaha, NE 68130

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