Sales Associate Wanted – Lincoln, NE.  $15/hr plus commissions on lead conversions.

Please view the job description attached and submit resume and cover letter below.

Job Title:

NuSpine Sales Associate Staff Member

Reports to:

Franchise & Managing Chiropractor

Job Purpose:

NuSpine Front Desk Employee is employed to execute the clinic operations in an effective, efficient
manner. NuSpine Front Desk Staff handles all matters pertaining to maintenance, patient relations, office
flow, scheduling, and point of sale.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintains an effective referral program.
  • Conducts telephone and digital inquiries/follow up ccontacts to all leads
  • Conducts follow up calls to new treatment plan holders
  • Keeps leads organized in spreadsheets and tracks all points of contacts
  • Generates leads through community events such as health fairs, lunch and learns, pop ups,etc.
  • Contacts leads via text, email, and phone call
  • Books leads for Initial Exam Appointment
  • Sends appointment reminders 24 hours prior to appointment
  • Knowledgeable about NuSpine, Chiropractic, and able to answer all FAQ’s
  • Able to explain that we are non insurance business and the use of third party financiers is not allowed.
  • Ability to sell the competitive advantages of NuSpine
  • Must know the pricing options and plans
  • Displays great customer service
  • Connect with local businesses and wellness coordinators


Qualifications include:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous sales experience, with strong sales skills
  • Social verbal and written communication skills required
  • Organization
  • Functional computer skills required- Google Suite and MS office basic programs
  • Healthy minded people strongly preferred who believe in Chiropractic
  • High School Diploma required

Working Conditions:

A NuSpine Sales Associate must be willing and able to work the required hours and maintain a
healthy work environment with all staff members and patients. Sales Associates must be willing and able
to act as the customer service agent in the event of disgruntled and unsatisfied customer situations and
resolve disputes quickly.


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