Chiropractic MarketingWhy do you regularly change the oil in your car?

Simple:  Without regular oil changes, your vehicle will begin developing engine issues and soon be harmed.  Part of driving and owning a car is understanding the basics that are necessary in routine maintenance and care.

Next question: Do you prefer having your oil changed by an experienced mechanic or a new mechanic?

Unless you change the oil yourself, you probably would choose the experienced mechanic.  You trust a mechanic with experience, the right tools, and the right training.

So why do we treat our patients differently?

We often assume that our patients understand the importance of regular checkups and maintenance on their body (similar to oil changes), but we make no effort to actually educate them.

Similarly, just like we all want an experienced mechanic, our patients also want an experienced chiropractor.  They are expecting us to be the experts they can trust. They want to know that you are continually learning, improving your practice, and being the best you can be.

In this post, we will look at the importance and some ways we can continue educating ourselves and our patients through resources, chiropractic marketing, and some planning.


Why Should We Educate Our Patients?

We already compared regular checkups to regularly changing your car’s oil, but imagine a slight twist.  Imagine that you never heard people talk about changing oil, you never saw the results of a ruined engine, and car companies didn’t encourage regular maintenance.

Would you keep changing the oil?

In a similar way, there are many people who do not see value or know the dangers of not having regular adjustments.  Maybe they have learned to live with their pain, maybe they had a bad experience, or maybe they just don’t know the value of chiropractic treatment.

No matter the situation, patients who are informed and educated will live healthier lives.  They will also become regular patients that will provide a stable revenue stream and stabilize your clinic’s profitability.


How Do We Educate Our Patients?

The key concept in educating patients is that you will need to go to them; they rarely come to you.

Many people will enter your clinic only when they have a problem, and then they want the experience to be “once and done.”

Chiropractic marketing is one of your best tools in educating patients and those around you about why they should be regularly visiting your clinic.  NuSpine Chiropractic has specific models of chiropractic marketing that have been proven to be effective in this area.

Another important tool to use is the power of story.  Your current patients are your best marketing tool, but they can also be an educational tool to their family and friends.  

So what will drive your current patients to spread the word?

The answer is easy:  It is their experience at their clinic.  If you can create a clinic that makes happy patients who feel cared for, they will tell others without you needing to do anything!


Why Should We Educate Our Staff?

Going back to the car maintenance illustration, you and your staff at your clinic are the mechanics  You are the one expected to be the expert in your patients’ chiropractic health and wellbeing, and they are expecting you to fill this role as an expert.

Did you catch that?

YOUR patients are expecting YOU, and your staff to be the EXPERT!

There are side benefits that many don’t fully understand or appreciate when they begin receiving chiropractic care.  You and your staff are the ones that will continue to educate them!

Never underestimate what a “learning culture” will bring to your clinic, to your staff, and to you personally.


How Do We Educate Our Staff?

In educating our patients, we look to chiropractic marketing and resources that focus on our clinic’s external.  When we talk about educating our staff, we shift that focus to our clinic’s internal systems.

There are 3 main ways that you can continue educating your staff:  training, books, and experience.

Trainings are the staple of continual learning.  Most chiropractic staff members have experienced chiropractic care, but haven’t been thoroughly educated on the details.  Of course, we don’t require them to have a degree in this stuff, but through our training process they should significantly grow in their understanding of the chiropractic benefits.

Books may not be as exhaustive as a complete training process, but they are the keystone for holding overarching principles.  If you want to learn more about marketing, creating a positive culture, running your clinic, etc., then a few books are often the best place to start.

Experience is vital to the effectiveness of staff education.  If they aren’t receiving chiropractic care themselves, they will struggle to be an advocate for your office.  Training and reading may be the key to their chiropractic intelligence, but experience will earn them the “street smarts.”  Treat your staff often and educated them on the things you’re doing to keep them healthy and they’ll become a zealot of your care to patients.

We covered a lot of ground in this post, but I feel we must reconfirm the underlying principle to having a successful clinic:

Your patients are expecting you and your staff to be the experts!

If you let your patients down, they will look elsewhere, and your clinic will suffer as a result.  

You don’t have to let this make you nervous or worried; NuSpine Chiropractic would love to partner with you as you begin, or continue developing your chiropractic franchise!


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