Chiropractic Marketing

Would you be annoyed if more clients were entering your clinic doors?  Would you be upset or concerned if your customer base grew by 10% monthly for the next year?  Would you worry if you received several new patients every week who started coming for regular adjustments?

Of course not!

The chiropractic business model is established on our patients returning regularly.  If we don’t have new customers who become recurring customers, our clinic is in trouble.

So how do we get new customers to walk through our door?

There are a lot of options and answers to this question.  We will look at a 4-step process that NuSpine Chiropractic has developed in chiropractic marketing to increase new customers and keep them returning to your clinic.

This post is the first in a 4-part series about the NuSpine Chiropractic model:  Attract new customers, Educate our patients, Impress our customers, and Grow our business.  

This post will address the Attracting aspect through marketing.  Stay tuned for future posts addressing the other three!


Know your Budget

We all know that in any new business launch, budgeting is a must.  How much do we spend? Where do we spend it? We want NuSpine clinics opening as economically as possible, because wasting money isn’t okay.  So your marketing budget is certainly something to establish.

You might even be asking yourself, “What is the big deal in specialized marketing?”

Well, the reality is that if customers don’t know you exist, you will have trouble staying in business or getting new patients.  However, marketing does not need to break your bank account or monthly budget!

You can find many different metrics about marketing online and in books.  Many of these vary on budgets and how to implement them, and before long you may find yourself more confused than ever.

So what is the solution?

Sadly, there is no perfect solution!  

The truth is that every new clinic will have a different style of chiropractic marketing, and that is where NuSpine Chiropractic will help you get started.  When you become a franchise, we will work closely with you in establishing the marketing budget that will work best for you.


Focus on your Target Patient

We have addressed your “Why” and mission statement in previous posts, and these are important in this step.

If your marketing budget is limited, you want to know your target audience so that you are not “throwing away” money at an audience that you are not as skilled or focused in serving.

So why is it important to know your “perfect patient”?

Knowing your target audience will allow you to establish marketing materials, online ads, and campaigns that will focus on your target audience.  And the best part is that you won’t have to go broke because you are maximizing your chiropractic marketing.


Be Intentional

Doing blanket marketing may work fine if you have the budget for it, but if your resources are limited, you will need to be intentional about your marketing strategy.

If you have trouble being intentional, start by asking these questions:

What are the events or places where advertising will be most effective in reaching your target audience?  Where will your perfect customer see your online ads? If you do paper ads, what zip codes or regions hold the most potential?  How will you design your ads to catch customers’ attention?

These are just a few of the questions that you will need to ask yourself as you think about intentional marketing.  The more intentional you are in your marketing and design, the better return you will see on those marketing dollars.


Be Clear

Clarity and good positioning is crucial to effective attraction in business, especially chiropractic.  You want your patients to immediately know what you provide, the value you bring, and why they should choose you.

NuSpine Chiropractic works with a company called Storybrand.  Storybrand is a leader in effective storytelling in the context of marketing.  Their model is built around positioning your business as the guide to the customer seeking success.  Check out their resources here:

Your clinic ought to prove to your target audience that you are the guide who is equipped to best help them find success in their story.  You’re the one to help them relieve their pain. You’re the one that can help them get back to their weekly golf league. You’re the one that can help them stay healthy in their aging.  You’re the one that can help them stay active and happy! The story your marketing is conveying is that your clinic is not the hero of the story, they are.

Doing this in the quickest, clearest way possible is what will make your marketing effective.  You’ve only got a matter of seconds to convey your value, so be clear!

If attracting new customers looks overwhelming, don’t worry, you are not alone!  Many people become frustrated with marketing, and therefore they turn to generic models, materials, and strategies.  Sadly, this generic approach often results in sub-par returns.

But there is a better way, and NuSpine Chiropractic would love to partner with you as you begin your journey of chiropractic marketing.  Contact us today to learn more!

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