Why do customers come to your clinic?

What sets you apart from the other chiropractors in your town?  Why are people returning to your clinic? If you are losing customers, have you ever thought to ask yourself why they leave?

In today’s business world, competition is everywhere.  Competition is a critical part of capitalism and our economics because it keeps us sharp, competitive, and always looking for self-improvement.

But even though competition is good, it still has a way of making us upset, doesn’t it?

The goal of this post is not to discuss ways you can perform guerrilla warfare on your competition.  Instead, we want to look at 5 ways that you can give your chiropractic franchise a competitive edge.

The best part is that if your clinic demonstrates these 5 tactics, you will find yourself quickly gaining the best marketing available:  The coveted customer referrals!


Be Affordable

Having a business can often feel like a dance between having a good price and having a good product, and too often we are tempted to think that we have to choose between price and product.

It does not have to be an “either/or” situation.

Creating a profitable business is obviously important, but don’t forget to price your service in a way that is affordable, even for those who don’t have top-tier health insurance.


Be Convenient

We as chiropractors have two kinds of customers:  those who visit us regularly like clock-work at the same time every week or month, and those that suddenly show up due to an emergency or unexpected opening in their schedule.

Your clinic must be convenient for both types of customers.  Whether it’s your location, hours, or schedule flexibility, make it easy and convenient for your customer’s schedule.


Be Efficient

One of the best ways to get negative reviews from customers is to make them wait for a long time for their treatment, particularly if they had an appointment.

Having a well-trained staff that follows set procedures will increase throughput.  The beautiful thing about increased throughput is it creates happy customers while allowing you to serve more clients.


Be Quality

Never assume that efficiency is quality.

Just because you are moving customers through more quickly, that does not automatically mean that those customers are receiving better care.

Make sure you and your staff are trained to give quality care that genuinely benefits the customer.  If you don’t, your clients will soon be looking for a better treatment somewhere else.


Be Caring

People buy products and services from other people whom they know, like, and trust.  

Being likable may come more naturally for some people, but each of your staff should know the basic principles of being friendly, courteous, and welcoming.  

Never think that caring for your patients is a waste of time or energy; it will set you apart from your competition and give you a competitive edge.


If you are starting a chiropractic franchise and want more training on how to do these things, please check with our Nuspine Chiropractic staff.  We have these and many more programs in place to make sure you can start your clinic with the best competitive edge possible!


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