Planning to open your chiropractic

If you are thinking of starting your chiropractic franchise, then you are probably an entrepreneur and might not be scared to try new things.

If this describes you, then congratulations, the world needs more people like you!

The potential problem that many entrepreneurs and dominant personality-type people have when they begin something new is the details.  They can nail down their vision, their goals, and their purpose; but when it comes to opening day, they sometimes get a bit lost.

Does this describe you?

Would you love to step into the adventure of starting your own clinic and practice, but the details scare you and hold you back?

How can you start a chiropractic franchise with as little headache as possible?

The answer is simple:  partner with Nuspine Chiropractic when you begin your chiropractic franchise!  Our desire is to partner with you and provide the framework and support you need so that you can focus on starting and running your own practice.


So let’s take a look at 3 things that you must plan before your open your chiropractic franchise, and how Nuspine Chiropractic will give you the framework for these when you join our team.



When we talk about training in the context of opening day, we are not talking about your license to practice; we are assuming you are already licensed.

What we mean by training here is preparation.

For example, are you and your team prepared to deal with customers, both pleasant and unpleasant?  Have you role-played to become better prepared? Have you spent time with other chiropractors to observe them and pick their brains?  Do you know the secrets of effective body language, tone scales, scripting methods, patient management, results of tests, and so much more?

These are all aspects of training that can be difficult to obtain in a classroom.

The other side of training is being equipped to run a business.  Whether it is dealing with finances, office management, payroll, customer databases, or many other parts of running a business, you and your staff must be properly trained or you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the details.

When you partner with Nuspine Chiropractic, we will provide you with all this training and much more.  From establishing relationships with vendors to opening your bank accounts, we have programs and materials that will train and guide you in everything you need to be ready for your first customer!



Everyone pictures something different when they hear the term “marketing.”  Some people picture advertisements, some picture money disappearing into a black hole in the budget, some picture literature, and some picture new customers.

Hopefully you picture new customers, but without breaking your bank and budget.

As you begin your chiropractic franchise, you will need to market to your community and let them know about your services.  The problem is that you don’t have millions of dollars to put into mainstream advertising.

So what can you do?

There are thousands of books, courses, and plans that you can take.  Many of these are very good and will provide value, but the one sad thing is that none of them are specific to your business as a chiropractor.

That is where Nuspine Chiropractic comes in.  We use proven, effective, and affordable marketing strategies and materials that are geared specifically to you and your clinic.


Daily Operations

Here is a basic question:  How will you clean your office?

Who will buy the headrest paper and cleaning supplies?  What about printer ink and paper? What computer system will you have?  How often will you update your website?

What about opening day; how will that work?

If you thought these things just magically happened, then you are not alone; welcome to “The Details”!

Every clinic is unique in how things are specifically done, but no matter the system you use, these things do need to happen.  Most entrepreneurs find themselves buried in checklists and to-do lists, and yet they still find themselves forgetting some key parts or tasks.

So how can you avoid the stress and burnout of arranging all the little details?  How can you stay focused on your new business and the parts that really matter?

Nuspine Chiropractic has helped many people begin their journeys with their new clinics, and we would love to help you as well.  Our templates, personal assistance, and pre-established checklists will make establishing your daily office routines easy and streamlined.

So when you are ready to embark in your clinic, don’t panic about the details that need to happen before opening day.  Instead, partner with Nuspine Chiropractic as you fulfill your dream and open your own chiropractic franchise!



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