Awkward moments in businessMost humans don’t like awkward moments.  Awkwardness may be fun to watch on a Facebook or Instagram video, but we usually cringe when we experience awkward moments in real life.

So how do you keep your clients from awkward moments when they enter your clinic?

There are many tips, tricks, and strategies that you can implement, but in this post we are going to focus on three:  A welcoming atmosphere, a trained staff, and using proven procedures.

Nuspine Chiropractic has developed resources on these specific techniques to help reduce awkwardness, wait times, and unprofessionalism in your clinic.  As part of opening a Nuspine Chiropractic franchise, you and your team will have access to these resources plus many more!


Welcoming Atmosphere

The first thing clients will think about when they enter your clinic is your atmosphere.  They might not process this consciously, but they will have an initial reaction to what they experience.

Room decor, furniture placement, magazines available, the receptionist’s attitude, refreshment, and many other things are important in creating a great first impression for your clinic.  

As you develop your chiropractic franchise, don’t overlook these small but critical details that will welcome every guest that walks through your door!


Trained Staff

Nothing will make a customer feel more unwelcome or unsure of your clinic than being greeted or taken care of by untrained staff.  You will have trouble building a solid customer base or getting client referrals if your staff does not have the proper training or tools.

How do you make sure your staff is ready?

The first part is hiring ideal team players from the moment you start your chiropractic franchise, and the second part is then taking your team to the next level through training and self-development.

When you join the Nuspine Chiropractic family, we will support you and your team with recommended resources, books, and ongoing training.


Proven Procedures

You may have surrounded yourself with trained staff, but that does not mean your clinic is ready for autopilot.

How will customers be greeted?  How will you reduce wait times? How will you make sure they are taken care of efficiently?  How will you record issues that arise with the patient?

These are just a few questions that you need to think as you establish procedures to help you navigate through customer issues.  

When clients enter your clinic, they will quickly know if your staff is operating on normal procedures that operate efficiently and smoothly.  

On the other hand, if your staff is rushing around without clear direction, your clients will sense this even faster.

Don’t let your clinic be ruled by this chaos and awkwardness!

When you become part of the Nuspine Chiropractic franchise, we will assist you in establishing routines that will help your team have smooth sailing right from the start.  Contact us today to learn more about creating your own chiropractic franchise!


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