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Successful business people know how to ask good questions.  

This may sound strange at first, but as you start and develop your chiropractic franchise, knowing how to ask good questions is critical.

Why is this skill so important?

First, you need to get good feedback from your clients so that you can keep developing your clinic in positive ways.

Second, good questions can be a great way to ask for more referrals from existing customers.

Third, you will meet clients and networking partners who have influence when it comes to business relationships or referrals.  Knowing how to ask these contacts good questions can result in a new customer or business partnership.

So how can we train ourselves to ask better questions?

This post will go over 5 secrets that NuSpine Chiropractic encourages to help you grow your chiropractic franchise by asking better questions.  As you read through them, think about how you can apply them to your clinic and staff.

Ready?  Let’s dive in!


  1. Ask Clearly:  

No one likes being asked vague or fuzzy questions.  It makes them feel disconnected with the question and can quickly result in confusion or boredom.

How can you prepare a precise question?

Think clearly about your request and take time to prepare.  Practicing with a notepad will help you pick words that have the greatest impact.  Ask yourself the question out loud with a variety of words to see which is the clearest.

Words are powerful, so choose them carefully.  For example, if you throw out “How am I doing?” without specifics, you will probably receive a generic answer.  Instead, try, “How is my attitude with patients?” or “Do you see room for improvement?  Where?”


   2. Ask with Confidence:  

People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain.  When you’ve figured out what you want to ask, do it with certainty, boldness, and confidence.  

One of the best ways to improve your confidence is to practice in front of the mirror.  Writing your question in advance will also help.

Also, be prepared to hear the unexpected or unwanted.  Try to have an open mind and heart, and don’t get defensive if you hear something that makes you uncomfortable.  Listening to the more negative observations or insights of others will inspire you to stop, reflect, and take steps that will help you become a better person and improve your chiropractic franchise.


  3. Ask Consistently:  

Top performers know that they can’t quit if they ask once and don’t get a good response.  Keep asking until you find helpful answers, or try asking the question in a different way.

In fact, in prospecting, there are usually four or five “no’s” before you get a “yes”!

Don’t give up if you have a good question, but the initial answer is not helpful.  You can always ask another person who is more perceptive to the question. If that still doesn’t provide helpful feedback, then consider rephrasing your question and make sure the question remains clear.


  4. Ask Creatively:  

We live in an age of noise and media bombardment, and most questions get lost in the crowd and remain unheard by the decision-makers you hope to reach.  This makes it difficult to have the impact that you want with valuable networkers.

Don’t worry, there is a way around this:  stop asking ordinary questions!

Instead, start asking creative questions.  A creative question is one that captures the attention of the listener by asking something unique, or by coming at an issue from a different perspective than the person is expecting.


  5. Ask Sincerely:  

When you really need help, people will usually respond in helpful ways.  Sincerity means dropping your façade of perfection and showing a willingness to be vulnerable.  Tell the truth, even if it makes you look less than perfect.

Never forget that people will always value someone who is honest and vulnerable about themselves.

On the other hand, if you are constantly trying to ask questions or present your view with a know-it-all attitude, your teammates and customers will quickly become tired of conversation.  Even worse, your credibility will also begin to diminish.

Asking good questions may feel like you are speaking a different language at first, and it will take some practice until it becomes a regular habit.  However, the sooner you build your “ask muscle,” the sooner you’ll see the positive results in your chiropractic franchise.


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