Why are you a chiropractor?

Is it because you enjoy working with people?

Is it to make a lot of money?

Is it because you find the profession fascinating?

Is it because you want to help injured people?

Is it for another reason?


Too often we as humans jump into our professions, our work, or our decisions without knowing why we are doing it.  This why is often referred to as a mission statement.  The why of something is just as important as the what, yet many people don’t know their mission statement.

So why are you a chiropractor?

If you don’t know how to answer that question, don’t panic!  In this post we will walk through 3 questions that will help you develop a mission statement for your chiropractic franchise.  

At the end, we will give you NuSpine Chiropractic’s mission statement as well, but don’t jump ahead and peak!  Work on developing your own mission statement and why first.

Are you ready?  Let’s begin!

1. What do you provide?

You already know you are a chiropractor, but there is more to this question.  If you are starting a chiropractic franchise just because you “think it would be fun” or you are certain that you can “make more money”, then you will quickly find yourself getting bored or burning out, and in general losing focus.

Chiropractic services are diverse in the services that they offer.  One doctor might be simpler and just want to help people and make a living.  Another doctor might have a very specific treatment style they are passionate about.  Why do you do what you do?

So how do we break it down into bite-size chunks?

First, do you provide general corrective care, or do you focus on a certain pain, treatment, or body part?  Do you have special training that you hope to bring to your practice?

Second, do you provide a certain kind of treatment, equipment, or service that is unique?  These answers are also important in shaping your mission statement.

2. For whom do you provide it?

The obvious answer here is “people”, but let’s go deeper.  

Who is your target audience?  Are you wanting your chiropractic franchise to focus on elderly people, sports players, children, white-collar office workers, or other unique groups?  

Many chiropractors work with anyone, so you may be asking:  Why is this important if chiropractors should serve everyone who comes in the door?

Great question!

First, if you have specific training with a certain group of people, then it is a good idea to focus on that skill set.  For example, if you know a lot about sports injuries, then you may not want your primary focus being on elderly care.

Second, it can help with decisions about marketing.  If your target group is sports injuries and routines, then you will want to focus your marketing at local gyms and sporting events.

And third, it can make some decisions easier such as office decor, magazines to have in your lobby, office location, etc.!

3. What value do you give?

In today’s business world, customers are changing.  People are busy and want products and services that are worth the money and time they spend getting it.

Some people are willing to pay more, some aren’t.  Some people are willing to spend an hour in your clinic, most aren’t.  Some people want a specific kind of treatment, some don’t care; they just want to get better.  

Bottom line, you have things about the experience you offer that are valuable.  What is valuable about your clinic and why is it worth people’s investment?

So how can we make your practice exceptional?

The key is to combine your answers from the first two questions.  If this sounds confusing, we’ll go through an example together.

Let’s say Joe Smith wants to focus on minor injuries and routine corrections.  He also loves working with children, so he is hoping that the majority of his clients will be young.  What value could he provide?

For starters, he will want to be economical in price.  Parents are often cost-sensitive, and they may not be as concerned with extensive and costly treatments like an athlete.

Joe will probably also focus on long-term relationships.  He will want to serve these children as they grow up and help them develop into healthy young adults.

So what could be Joe’s mission statement?

He can keep it simple and clear with the following:  “Joe’s Chiropractic Services exists to provide affordable and family-friendly care and routine treatments to children so that they can develop into healthy adults. ”

What is NuSpine Chiropractic’s mission statement?

“NuSpine knows that no one wants pain to dictate the way they live their lives, so we provide quality, affordable treatments to communities so people can continue doing all the things they love.”

Your chiropractic franchise’s mission statement can change over time, but never focus only on the what and forget your why.


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