Front Desk Staff Wanted – Lincoln, NE.  $11/hr with monthly insurance stipend.

Please view the job description attached and submit resume and cover letter below.

Job Title:

NuSpine Front Desk Staff Member

Reports to:

Clinic Chiropractor

Job Purpose:

NuSpine Front Desk Employee is employed to execute the clinic operations in an effective, efficient
manner. NuSpine Front Desk Staff handles all matters pertaining to maintenance, patient relations, office
flow, scheduling, and point of sale.

Duties and responsibilities:

NuSpine’s Front Desk Employees have a number of duties and responsibilities all pertaining to the
smooth, simple operations of the NuSpine clinic.
● Prep and close clinic prior to open and after closing. This includes monitoring thermostat as
necessary, emptying trash cans, counting our cash till, turning on lights, music, and computers,
briefing the doctor on special appointments, and maintaining a clean office.
● Memorize scripting for new patients, results of tests visits, phone procedure, etc.
● Making sure all patients are well educated on clinic flow and procedure upon first visit.
● Memorize and push all monthly marketing efforts.
● Operate phones per training.
● Assist Chiropractic Physician with any tasks he/she deems necessary.
● Handle all incoming mail and distribute to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.


Qualifications include:

  • 1 year experience in work environment dealing with customer service
    ● Competence in computer and phone procedures (troubleshooting, email, basic online functions)
    ● Competence in addressing patients and creating relationships
    ● Competence in Understanding of HIPPA and other office procedures
    ● Outgoing, Empathetic, Humble Personality
    ● A Hunger of Constant Month to Month Growth and Improvement
    ● Attitude of Positivity
    ● Commitment to executing the NuSpine System consistently with every patient.

Working Conditions:

A NuSpineFront Desk Employee must be willing and able to work the required hours and maintain a
healthy work environment with all staff members and patients. Front Desk staff must be willing and able
to act as the customer service agent in the event of disgruntled and unsatisfied customer situations and
resolve disputes quickly.

Physical Requirements:

NuSpine Front Desk Employees must be able to move about the clinic quickly and often. Must be able to
carry out all cleaning duties and assist patients in getting on and off tables.


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